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VHHV - Pet Policy

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Avani+ Hua Hin Resort Pet Policy for Dogs and Cats in Avani Pool Villa or Deluxe Garden Access Room

*Important note • Hotel have 3 rooms each to accommodate the dog. Please recheck with Reservation Team if the room is still available. • If our reservation team is already left, can be Front Desk. 3 units of Avani Pool Villa (5121 5122 5123) • 3 units of Avani Deluxe Garden Access (Only if Avani Pool Villa is fully booked, cross check with Hotel team again) • A Maximum of two (2) dogs or cat allowed per villa/room. • Dogs must weigh 15 kg or less for small dog size and 16 - 35 kg for big dog size. • A non-refundable dog fee of THB 2,000 - Small Dog | THB 3,000 - Big Dog per night will be charged upon check-in for the first night, and then THB 1,000 - Small Dog| THB 1,500 - Big Dog for every additional night. *Ex: Stay 2 Nights with 2 Dogs (1 Big, 1 Small) First Night charge at 3,000 + 2,000 = 5,000 Second Night at 1,500 + 1,000 = 2,500 Total at THB 7,500 for this stay • The above fee does not include additional charges for any damages or extra cleaning of soiled linens, flooring, or furniture. • Dogs are not allowed at any of the hotel’s bars, restaurants, shared pools, fitness center, spa or meeting rooms. • The designated dog walking area will be indicated upon check-in. • Dogs must be under owner’s care at all times and never left unattended in hotel areas or in the villa. • A dedicated doggie menu will be available should you wish to order gourmet cuisine for your dog.


AGREEMENT BY BOOKING A PET GETAWAY, YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING: • My dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and he or she is free of fleas or ticks. • My dog is not aggressive and is well socialized with other animals and people. • I agree to clean up after my dog and properly dispose of any waste in the metal bin provided. • I understand that housekeeping will not enter my villa with an unattended dog inside. • My dog will be on a leash with a maximum range of six feet or in a carrier at all times when we are outside of the villa. • I am aware that an additional charge will apply if excessive cleaning is necessary. I also agree that the condition of the Avani Pool Villa is based on the sole judgement of • management upon my departure. • As a dog owner, I am liable for any disturbances my dog causes to other guests staying at Avani+ Hua Hin. • The hotel is not liable for any injury suffered to my dog while on hotel premises. • I accept full responsibility for any liability arising from my dog (damage or personal injury to the hotel, hotel staff, guests, any third party or property). • I acknowledge that I have read the hotel’s dog-friendly policies and procedures. I am aware that I may be responsible for additional fees if damage, excessive noise or flea infestation occurs during my stay. Reference:

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